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Heroic battles, passionate protests and widespread resistance are being witnessed across the United States. But this isn’t politics, it’s a war raging within the Catholic Church to preserve countless spiritual homes. Churches are being shuttered at an alarming rate. At stake are issues of ethnic and cultural identity and the well-being of communities across the land.

The U.S. Catholic Church justifies the closings with claims of shrinking parishes, priest shortages and lack of vibrancy. Some of the faithful cry foul and say it’s all about raising money to balance the budget of the diocese or bankroll sins of the past.

This is impacting ethnic communities as well across America and their struggle is the focus of the documentary, “Foreclosing on Faith”. The film documents a heroic battle for preserving cultural identity against all odds. One manifestation of cultural identity can be traced to strong ties to churches. These aren’t just buildings with steeples and stained glass, for many, they’re second homes, places of refuge to preserve cultural and historical identity. Every time a church is closed, a small piece of the community fades away. Churches provide a social safety net and that net is unraveling.

At a time when immigration and discrimination have never been more polarizing, this is one conversation people from every community need to start having.

A dramatic struggle is captured in Cleveland, Boston and New York as parishioners fight to save their spiritual homes. Picking up where “Spotlight” left off, “Foreclosing on Faith” uncovers the truth behind church closings and offers solutions to keep the doors to the faithful open. It’s a Catholic documentary version of the recently released “All Saints” in which a small group of refugees tries to save their tiny Episcopal church, condemned for closure.

“Foreclosing on Faith” is a feature documentary produced by Viktoria Somogyi and Jeff MacIntyre. Running time 52 minutes. Country of origin: Hungary, 2017.