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10/21/17 – Edward Pentin, Journalist

10/21/17 – Vatican Radio (Hungarian)

10/24/17 – The Hungarian News Agency MTI/ (Hungarian)

10/24/17 – Magyar Kurír-News Agency of the Hungarian Bishops Conference (Hungarian)

1/3/2018 – The Media Council of the National Media and Infocommunications Authority (NMHH) announces new TV premieres of films funded by their Hungarian Media Patronage Program. More Info

1/7/2018 – Magyar Kurir, the news agency of the Hungarian Catholic Bishops’ Conference calls attention to the upcoming TV premiere with an interview titled: “We can’t let them disappear!” More Info

1/11/2018 – A review about the film by Heti Válasz, a weekly magazine in Hungary. More Info

1/12/2018 – A review about the film by Körké, an Hungarian online magazine in Slovakia. More Info

2/05/2018 – An interview on, a Hungarian Catholic news portal in Transylvania, Romania More Info