Past Screenings
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Past Screenings

Past Events/Screenings

1/7/2018 – TV premiere on Duna World in Hungary

2/17/2018 – The first public screening organized by the Society of Jesus at the House of Dialogue in Budapest, Hungary
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3/29/2018- Foreclosing on Faith aired on Bonum TV, Hungary

3/31/2018 – Foreclosing on Faith aired on Apostol TV, Hungary

5/5/2018 – International Christian Film Festival – Orlando, FL

5/6/2018 – The Christian Life International Film Festival – Canada (Merit Award Winner) “A daring cinematic journey into a controversial subject. Beautifully done!”

10/21/17 – Le Femme Film Festival – Los Angeles, CA

11/20/2017 – Foreclosing on Faith was presented to third year students of the course, “Crisis Management in the Church” at the Faculty of Social Institutional Communication at the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross in Rome, Italy

11/25/2017 – Foreclosing on Faith was screened to the Hungarian Bishops’ Conference at Vatican Radio on their ad limina visit in the Vatican

12/14/2017 – Campus Martius: Screening of film “Foreclosing on Faith”, hosted by Istituto Acton, an American think tank, Rome, Italy

10/2015 – Budapest International Documentary Festival